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Project Title: Sustainable Organic Cocoa Farming Project

Overview of Project

The role of organic farming is very vital as it impacts environmental sustainability, health, food safety, social welfare and other areas of human life to sustain global development. These among other benefits of organic farming especially in cocoa production in Ghana have been identified through the rigorous and effective research activities of READI.  There has been very high increase in the sales of organically grown cocoa and its products, however, the total market share is still relatively very small hence the need for Ghana, the third largest producer in the world and the second largest exporter of cocoa beans, to improve her efforts to contribute to meeting such demands. Studies conducted by READI indicated that despite the economic, environmental and sustainable cocoa production potential of organic cocoa, farmers have not adopted organic farming practices entirely.


The project is aimed at addressing the increasing concern about food safety, health, environmental and social welfare issues bothering many others globally, about artificial crop produce.


  • Collection of baseline data from cocoa farmers on organic farming 
  • Organize focus groups discussion to sensitize farmers on organic cocoa production
  • Training farmers on the multiple benefits of organic cocoa
  • Training farmers on organic cocoa emphasizing on biological fertilizer inputs and management practices, such as cover cropping and crop rotation methods to improve soil quality and build soil organic matter.